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What's the purpose of the ferrites on the cables?


Electronic devices can cause high-frequency interference - this applies both to the camera with accessories and to other devices on set. These interferences propagate via connected cables. In order to limit them to a legal level, the cables are fed through ferrite beads which have a damping effect. In simple terms, cables connected to the camera behave like an antenna, which “sends” and “receives”. This can compromise the commmunication and thus lead to unexpected behaviour of the camera or any other device. The ferrite core on the cable serves as a sheath current filter and prevents the interfering signals from propagating.

Even if the interference does not necessarily lead to malfunctions on the set, we still recommend that you always use esp. the LCS cables with ferrite. Compliance with the legally specified EMI limits ensures faultless functioning and interaction of the individual devices.

In some situations a cable with a ferrit can be a hindance, that's why we offer some cables optionally without the ferrit.