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We decided not to provide physical manuals with our products. The printing of a manual consumes too much resources and according to Murphy, the printed copy is anywhere, but not available (in the camera truck, left at the rental, was there a manual at all?) and in the moment of printing it's already outdated.

We think, that writing a manual in a word processor, rendering a pdf file and then simply send it out by email or download link, limits the possibilities of digital web publishing too much. A pdf file is quite static, it's not “responsive”, it has no revision control and the file size can be huge. We want to allow the user to find the needed information as fast and seamless as possible and we try to achieve this here.

All our devices have a QR code on it, which links directly to the relevant page on this site. For all pdf lovers or to be prepared for situations where you can't access the web, we added a export to pdf feature in the right side panel.

If you're looking for a specific information you can't find here or if you have a technical question, you're always welcome to drop us a message and we will get back to you asap!

Your 2EyeTec Team!